Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 24 of Documented Life Project

Enjoyed painting these poppies on this book page. The page was very brittle and soft so I added a coat of clear gesso.  I love to paint poppies when ever I can.  I have been known to paint them on wedding invitations to give to the brides. They turn out really nice except you only have one shot at it so it better be right the first time! I wrote the word "Poppies" with 3 shades of red gouache and used a Speedball nib for the lettering.

Also, don't forget my SUMMER SALE on all my online classes !!!!


fran pascazio said...

As I said on FB - who does poppies better than Martha??? NO ONE!!! Spectacular…it's been awhile since you posted poppies - I'm so happy you did!

Martha Lever said...

Thank you, Fran!!!

friv 8 said...

What do you like and what you can do. Draw and your preferences.


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